Mother's Day Weekend

This weekend we are focusing on the lighter, delicate flavors in tea.

Puttabong and Risheehat 1st Flush Darjeelings are some of the earliest teas made in Northern India.
They are very light and sweet, with a hint of citrus.  This is a great option for a light tea without a green tea flavor.

Dong Ding Light is a lightly oxidized Taiwanese oolong.  The brew starts out with a thick and buttery body, with light lemon and vegetal notes.  After many steepings, as you would do in a gong fu ceremony, the brew becomes very floral.

Mother’s Bouquet is an herbal blend of chamomile, rosebuds, cornflowers infused with orange peel is the perfect tea for Mother’s Day or any time you think of Mom! Mother’s Bouquet creates a warming yet refreshing cup that’s brew is mellow and gentle. Any kind of mother will love this tea this holiday.