New Teas!

The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here!
We have a lot of new teas, with more to follow.
We’ve been drinking our fill of the first batch and welcome you to come and do the same.
Kaimosi CTC and Kangaita OP are two new black teas from Kenya.
Puttabong and Risheehat are two new First Flush Darjeelings from Northern India.
Korakundah FOP and Chamraj Nilgiri FOP are two new teas from Nilgiri in Southern India.
Scottish Morn and Scottish Afternoon are two new black tea blends that Mike Harney created.  They rival the Irish Breakfast tea in strength, but the flavor is a bit brighter.
Heavenly Gyokuro and Master’s Mark Sencha are decadent green teas from Japan¬†
with a thick, sweet liquor.
Also available now is our very popular Paris tea….in DECAF!