3/31 Titanic & Tea 2-4pm

All things Titanic & Tea
Saturday, March 31st
2 – 4pm

On Saturday, March 31st, we will host a conversation with the world-renowned deep-dive explorer
and veteran of more than 30 dives on the Titanic, Paul-Henry Nargeolet.

Harney & Sons, with the encouragement of PH Nargeolet, has created a commemorative tea
as a tribute to the tragedy and heroism which occurred nearly 100 years ago
when the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic.

Reflecting the quality of tea that was served on the Titanic, this blend includes Chinese Keemun,
one of the last teas the British still consumed in 1912, as Britain had mostly switched to black teas from
Assam, India and Ceylon. Later on, Formosa Oolong was popularized in both the UK and the US.
All of these teas have been blended together to create a tea that would have been
recognizable to tea lovers a hundred years ago.
A percentage of the sale of each tin of RMS Titanic Tea will go to The Ocean Conservancy.

During the event, PH Nargeolet, John Harney and Mike Harney
will be discussing all things Tea and Titanic,
so stop in whenever your schedule allows between 2 and 4pm.

(Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide individual tastings during the time of the event.)