Welcome to the Tasting Room

When visiting the tasting room, the world of tea is at your fingertips.
We are here to teach you as much as we can about tea. The purpose of the tasting room is to try teas which will not only broaden your understanding of the tea world but encourage you to purchase some tea for your own consumption.
Walking into the tasting room, we welcome you to taste our “Teas on Tap.” These teas we’ve chosen to highlight will expand your tea knowledge, as well as allow you to experience teas that you may not have otherwise tried.
Two of our “Teas on Tap” compare the similarities and/or differences between types of teas. (For example, Chinese vs. Japanese green teas or inherently peachy oolongs vs. peach flavored teas.) The other “Teas on Tap” include caffeinated and caffeine-free teas, that are separate from the comparison teas. These teas may be chosen on a whim, or just a tea we want to highlight for that day.
In addition to our “Teas on Tap” we also welcome customers to taste one tea of their choice. This allows you a taste of that special tea you’ve been wanting to try. Our tea consultants are available to help you decide what that tea is based on your palate and needs.
In the tasting room, we sell almost all of our teas loose at a beginning purchase point of 2 ounces. If you are interested in buying larger amounts, we can cater to that as well. We also welcome you to bring in your empty tea tins to be refilled at a discount. Because of the specialty nature of some teas, we cannot offer this for every tea we carry, but for the basics it’s a good way to save money and reduce waste.

To keep up to date with the store, visit the main blog at harneyteashop.blogspot.com where we post events, sales, highlighted teas and most current lunch menu.