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There was a time, and it was not too long ago, that there was no Dragon Pearl Jasmine. Now the world is a better place. These are hand rolled by ladies in Fuan in northern Fujian Province. When Mike met the lady that originated this lovely tea, he thanked on behalf of all tea drinkers.
Dry Leaves Small rolled "pearls" of faded green and white leaves. They are very pretty.
Liquor A light and clear liquor that is tinged a pale yellow.
Aroma There is no question here: Jasmine and more jasmine!
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body This is a medium bodied tea.
Flavors What a wonderful tea! We looked long and hard to find a tea that is both sweet and very floral. Please enjoy it as is, there is no need to alter it all.
Brewing Time 3 minutes
Brewing Temperature 175° F

Dragon Pearl Jasmine

This is a masterpiece from Fuan, China. Beautiful little hand-rolled pearls are gently infused with the floral essences from jasmine flowers. The tea is a delight to look at, and the light-colored brew is full of floral and sweet aromas. Always a delight!
tea bags
Dragon Pearl Jasmine - loose tea sample
SKU: 49008-082
Classic Dragon Pearl Jasmine - 20 sachet tin
SKU: 35006
Wrapped Dragon Pearl Jasmine - 20 sachet box
SKU: 35560
Dragon Pearl Jasmine - loose 4 oz tin
SKU: 44215
Dragon Pearl Jasmine - 50 sachet bag
SKU: 50538
Dragon Pearl Jasmine - loose 8 oz tin
SKU: 48031
Dragon Pearl Jasmine - loose 1 lb bag
SKU: 41620

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Love it!
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This is my favorite tea. I love the taste, its light and really good. It smells great.



Love this tea, the aroma is exquisite and it tastes even better
Average Review:

Love this tea, the aroma is exquisite and it tastes even better



My favorite
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Tried a number of different teas from Harney, this is my favorite. Dark teas are harsh (for me) with tannin. Nothing wrong with them, just not my style .

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