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Keemuns are some China's most renowned black teas, since the British acquired a love for Keemuns. The teas come from the rolling hills in southeastern Anhui Province in China. After the MaoFeng is finished around the beginning of May, the Hao Yas are made. Hao Ya's are separated: the best tips become Hao Ya A and the next best tips become Hao Ya 'B'.
Dry Leaves Small, intensely dark leaves with a bit of a sheen.
Liquor Clear and dark copper liquor.
Aroma Strong notes of cocoa and apricot.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body This is a full-bodied tea.
Flavors The Keemun Hao Ya 'A' has dark cocoa flavors. It is more intense the Hao Ya 'B'.
Brewing Time 4 to 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F

Hao Ya 'A'

The city of Keemun was a highlight of Mike's trip to China a few years ago. He was there for the start of the Hao Ya A season. This is the most intense Keemun loaded with light chocolate and toasty flavors.
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Hao Ya 'A' - loose tea sample 11
Hao Ya 'A' - loose 4 oz tin 6
Hao Ya 'A' - loose 8 oz tin 13
Hao Ya 'A' - loose 1 lb bag 4
Hao Ya 'A' - loose tea sample
SKU: 49008-006
Hao Ya 'A' - loose 4 oz tin
SKU: 44230
Hao Ya 'A' - loose 8 oz tin
SKU: 48046
Hao Ya 'A' - loose 1 lb bag
SKU: 41640

Customer Reviews

Niki A


Great body and flavor!
Average Review:

This is definitely in my top 10, I've gone through several tins of this one. Slightly smoky and full-bodied with minimal bitterness. Love this one a lot with sugar only.



A Grand Tasting Work of Art
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More than three years ago, my cousin gave me this tea as my New Year's gift. From the day I took my first sip to the very last, it became my all-time favorite tea. The tea has precisely that sweet aroma of cocoa and apricot. It has a nicely balanced flavor of dark cocoa (kind of like dark chocolate), and even a fruitiness going on that reminds me of plums and peaches. The aftertaste is like a floral honey. Elegant and refined. Strangely enough, I loved it so much I even ate the leaves after the last cupping! (and even they tasted great!) (Though I probably not recommend that last one). Anyway, it was truly an enlightening experience, especially since the tough economy when I had to wait nearly three years to finally get this delicious tea again. It was like seeing a not-so-old friend again after so many years. And that makes the experience even better.



Fantastic morning brew
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Rich, full-flavored and just plain good. Don't forget the milk!

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