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Angiogenesis Foundation Green Tea

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Angiogenesis Foundation Green Tea

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Product Review (submitted on August 4, 2013):

I hate to leave this negative review, because I wanted to support this cause and I had been blending Japanese Sencha and Dragon Pearl Jasmine after watching the Ted Talks that evidently prompted this. First off, I don't see where it is mentioned, but this is essentially just those two teas mixed together. It may be worth it for the convenience of having them both in one sachet, but this tastes pretty bad. Also, the proportion of sencha to jasmine is very inconsistent from sachet to sachet. But my main problem is that mixing the Japanese Sencha and Dragon Pearl Jasmine together myself actually tastes really good! Is it a different type of sencha? I am using Harney’s, so I would have thought it would be the same, but it definitely is not. Also, do not brew for as long as the bag says or it will get much worse. I hope Harney goes back to the drawing board on this because it was a good idea, but poorly executed. So, I'll give one star for the tea and raise one for the research, which I do appreciate.

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