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Growing up around here, one of our favorite times was picking blueberries on the slopes of the high hills of Mt. Riga. We were able to capture that delight in this tea.
Dry Leaves Green leaves
Liquor Pale yellow
Aroma The smell of summer and ripe blueberries
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body This green is light in body
Flavors Lovely ripe blueberries, just like up on our hills.
Brewing Time 3 minutes
Brewing Temperature 175º F

Blueberry Green

For Blueberry Green, we've artfully blended Chinese green tea with lemongrass, blueberry, and vanilla to create a brew that's sure to hit all the right notes. Delicious hot or iced.
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Blueberry Green – Loose Tea, Sample
SKU: 49008-220
Blueberry Green – Loose Tea, 3 oz Tin
SKU: 44603

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Blueberry Green – Loose Tea, 1 lb Bag
SKU: 41517
Blueberry Green – Tea Sachets, HRP Tin of 30
SKU: 35435
Blueberry Green – Fresh Brew Iced Tea Pouches, Tin of 6
SKU: 20219
Blueberry Green – Fresh Brew Iced Tea Pouches, Bag of 15
SKU: 20239

Customer Reviews



My new favorite iced tea!
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I bought three 3 oz. loose leaf tins of this the last time I placed an order. I've blazed through the tin I kept for myself. The other two tins I gave away to friends after I tasted it, and fell in love with it, iced. Now I'm almost panicky because my tin is almost empty and I don't have another one! I'm ordering three more loose leaf tins, for gifts, and a 1 lb. bag to refill my tin from.

This tea has a very delicate but delicious flavor iced. It's so refreshing on a warm summer day. Although, winter time won't stop me from drinking this iced. The caffeine level is low enough that I can drink it right up until bedtime with no ill effects.

As is true for all green teas I think it's very important to follow the brewing instructions and not brew this tea in water that is hotter than 175 F. You run the risk of bitterness otherwise.

Nancy A


Take me to another time
Average Review:

My first experince with this tea was after a purchase of the tin while in Barnes & Noble. I opened the lid and was transported to my uncle's farm in Washington. I used to pick berries and my aunt would make pies and jam. I took the tin to work and made a cup. I had so many folks walk by and ask what I was drinking. Pretty soon I was passing out tea sachets....and then I ran out! Went back to B&N but they were out. Called H&Sons and they said it was out of season. Months later I found it available online at H&S. I ordered the loose tea and have been savoring it since. It's the one thing I can drink (besides water) that hasn't given me nause while I've been on chemo. Keep bringing those flashbacks of a wonderful time spent picking berries without a care in the world!

James Ross Spencer II


A lighter spring tea, best iced.
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I am a huge fan of blueberries and from friend's recommendations I did try this tea. It did of course have a lovely blueberry aroma. However as a tea blender myself, I felt the blueberries would have been better paired with a rich Ceylon or China black blend, and maybe a dash of Vanilla to give it a more hearty dessert taste like blueberry cobbler. The tea was too light mixed with green. I experimented with this tea and find it works best for spring/summer iced with a dash of raw honey. Then it brings to mind summer in the Alps.... a very good tea but definitely not my favorite. Sorry.

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