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The name Bohea refers to the original black teas from the Wuyi mountains. This is new style black tea from this area that is famous for Lapsang. This tea emphasizes the fruit rather than smoke. A wonderful tea!
Dry Leaves Fairly large twisted black leaves
Liquor Medium brown
Aroma Nice dark fruit aromas with hints of smoke (it is from the Lapsang area)
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body With the big leaves it is light to medium bodied
Flavors This is a slowly made tea from prime leaves. They are slowly rolled and left to oxidize in covered bamboo baskets that allow a limited amount of oxygen to contact the leaves. This allows for the dark fruit flavors to develop.
Brewing Time 4 to 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212º F


A lovely black tea from the Wuyi Mountains, where black tea was developed.
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Bohea – Loose Tea, Sample
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Bohea – Loose Tea, 2 oz tin
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Sweet and special
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I ordered a sample to see what it was like, and I have now ordered a tin. When I opened the sample, I was immediately struck by the fruity aroma. Brewing brought this aroma out even more. I am amazed that this is the natural flavor of the tea. I always drink my tea black, and I prefer tea that tastes like tea (by which I mean that I am not a fan of flavored teas). This is pure tea, no doubt about it, but with its own natural fruitiness, and even a few notes of honey. I steeped the leaves twice, and the second pot still had good body, aroma, and flavor. Yes, it's pricey, and I'll be drinking it only occasionally rather than putting it into the regular morning rotation. But I say it is worth the price if you want something in your tea collection for those days that call for something really special.

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