Uva Highlands


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Uva Highlands is a lovely high-grown Ceylon Pekoe from Uva, with small leaves that produce an intense tea. It is bright and brisk, with a minty spice note – guaranteed to pick you up on dull afternoons. It can handle milk and sugar with aplomb.

Mike's Tea Ratings

Briskness: 4
Body: 4
Aroma: 4
Details: Located on the eastern slopes of Sri Lanka, the Uva section makes tea that gets your attention, because they are brisk. They are one of the few known for having wintergreen flavors. This comes from methyl salicylate that is used in the plant's self-defense system.
Dry Leaves: Dark brown leaves cut into small pieces.
Liquor: Red brown.
Aroma: A good tea from Uva has the wintergreen aromas found in mints. This happens because of the plant cultivar and winds that dry the plant, concentrating the aromas.
Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
Body: This is a medium bodied tea that welcomes milk. The tea is quite brisk, filling your mouth with tingles.
Flavors: It is a blend of honey and citrus, with a strong note of wintergreen.
Brewing Time: 4 to 5 minutes
Brewing Temp: 212° Fº