Citron Green


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We often suggest Citron Green, a lightly flavored green tea, to our tasting room customers interested in trying green tea for the first time. The delicate citrus flavor and beautiful orange flavors provide a gentle introduction to the world of green tea.

Green tea, orange oil, marigold petals.
All Natural.

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Mike's Tea Ratings

Briskness: 2
Body: 2
Aroma: 3
Details: This tea is clear as a bell, a green bell. The citrus flavors blend quite nicely with the slightly lemony flavors found in the steamed Chinese green tea. We find it to be a great tea for those unfamiliar with green tea
Dry Leaves: A blend of both light and dark green tea leaves
Liquor: Light clear yellow
Aroma: Citrus, and especially orange, are prominent in our Citron Green Tea
Caffeine Level: caffeinated
Body: Citron Green is a medium green tea with a moderately light body
Flavors: An array of tropical and citrus fruits, especially orange.
Brewing Time: 3
Brewing Temp: 175º