Tea & Treats for Mom Gift

This gift will be sure to let Mom know how much you care for her, and just how well you listened when she told you how much she just loved tea time! Two of our most enjoyable teas, Mother's Day & Green Tea with Coconut, will fill her cups with delightful aromas and delicate flavors. Maybe Mom likes to dunk a sweet in her tea, in which case Unna's Bakery Raspberry Jam Drops melt in the mouth and compliment both brews. Blake Hill's Wild Bergamot and Raspberry Jam will pair perfectly with any homemade baked good or toast. Lastly, the entire tea set wouldn't be complete without a raspberry-colored tea towel in order to serve tea time upon. 

The gift set contains:

  • (1) Mother's Day Tin of 30 Sachets
  • (1) Green Tea with Coconut Tin of 30 Sachets
  • (1) Unna's Bakery Raspberry Jam Drop Cookies
  • (1) Blake Hill Wild Bergamot & Raspberry Jam
  • (1) Tea Towel