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The Tea Cookbook – Joanna Pruess & John Harney

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Ever since 2737 B.C. when leaves from an overhead tea plant drifted into Emperor Shen Nung's cup of boiling water, tea has been recognized and imbibed by many cultures around the world for its capacity to sooth, restore and refresh body and mind.

In The Tea Cookbook Joanna Pruess and John Harney harness the amazing power of these versatile leaves and take them from the teapot into the soup pot, frying pan, and mixing bowl to create dozens of elegant and easy-to-prepare dishes. In addition to delectable recipes, The Tea Cookbook includes a lesson on all types of tea, including black, green, oolong and herbal tea, as well as John Harney's expertise on the correct way to brew tea, proper tea storage, and the "seven cardinal sins" that result in inferior tea drinking and cooking.

This unique cookbook will change the way you think about seasoning food and add a new and exciting shelf to your spice cabinet. Unsigned copy.