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Zodiac: Capricorn - Bag of 50 Sachets


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December 22 – January 19
Capricorn and Earl Grey Pu-erh are always dependable and down-to-earth.
This tea is part of our  Zodiac Collection, which celebrates all 12 star signs and their celestial connection to tea. We’ve put together the perfect astrological tea and sign pairings for maximum shock and awe-you-nailed-it delight! Be sure to check out all the teas and the custom mug in our Zodiac Collection. Welcome to a little bit of heaven.
We start with the beloved traditional Earl Grey foundation and add an earthy element with Pu-erh. An ancient tea from Yunnan, Pu-erh’s earthy pleasures have a passionate group of followers. Pu-erhs are the only truly fermented teas, and they are made in the remote Yunnan Province.
Ingredients: Black tea, oolong tea, pu-erh, bergamot oil.

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