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Our Review
We know that many people want to reduce their caffeine intake. So we commissioned a German tea company to use our Darjeeling blend and to remove the caffeine using the natural process of rinsing the teas with super critical (liquid) carbon dioxide.
Dry Leaves Dark brown leaves with a grayish cast.
Liquor Light brown.
Aroma Light and subtle fruity aromas.
Caffeine Level Decaffeinated
Body Light body.
Flavors Pale fruit flavors.
Brewing Time 4 to 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F

Decaf Darjeeling

If you love Darjeeling – yet want to reduce your caffeine consumption – we suggest you try our Decaf Darjeeling tea. Our customers rate it quite highly as being a delicious alternative to the traditional “Queen of Teas."
If you love Darjeeling, but want to reduce your caffeine consumption, then please try this tea.
tea bags
Decaf Darjeeling – Loose Tea, Sample
SKU: 49008-028
Decaf Darjeeling – Loose Tea, 4 oz Tin
SKU: 44212
Decaf Darjeeling – Loose Tea, 8 oz Tin
SKU: 48028
Decaf Darjeeling – Loose Tea, 1 lb Bag
SKU: 41714

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If you love Darjeeling, but want to reduce your caffeine consumption, then please try this tea.

Customer Reviews



Average Review:

This is the best decaffeinated Darjeeling I've tried. The astringency is milder than a regular Darjeeling, which actually works well with the other flavors. It's a very balanced, delicious tea.



Best Decaf Darjeeling
Average Review:

Like another reviewer here, I doubted that the delicate nature of Darjeeling would be worthwhile as a decaf tea. However, I had really been enjoying the distinct flavor of darjeeling, and had been trying to get away from all the caffeine I was consuming. Once I tried this decaf darjeeling, I was hooked! It makes a wonderful decaf and I am so glad I found it. I generally buy a pound at a time, to tell you how much I do enjoy it. If you enjoy the flavor of darjeeling and are looking to cut your caffeine intake, do not hesitate to try this tea!



By far the best decaf Darjeeling
Average Review:

When I had to give up caffeine I began searching for quality decaf tea, trying many brands and styles. I have always loved Darjeeling but never thought the delicate flavor could survive in a decaf tea. I was wrong. This tea preserves the subtle Darjeeling flavors while eliminating the caffeine. By far the best decaf Darjeeling available anywhere.

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