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We have been the tea supplier to famous Dorchester for over 7 years. Over that time, we have learned the taste preferences of the British. We know that they like their tea strong, and that is what this tea is.
Dry Leaves Dark leaves, cut into small uniform pieces. (Cut, tear, curl)
Liquor Dark brown
Aroma Assertive, sweet-charred aromas like with roasted sweet onions.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body The British like their teas with lots of body, so thick that a spoon stands up. Dorchester Breakfast tea almost delivers this. It is intensely brisk or astringent. Most people like to add milk.
Flavors In London, people drink this tea for its strength; the flavors are secondary, especially if milk and sugar are added. However there are subtle roasted malt notes.
Brewing Time 4 to 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F

Dorchester Breakfast

We have been the tea supplier to London's famous Dorchester for over ten years. Over that time, we have learned the taste preferences of the British. We know they like their tea strong – indeed this one is!
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Customer Reviews



Strong but well-balanced
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Sometimes I just want a really strong cup of tea and this fits the bill. I brew it with just a bit more tea, but less time, and get a strong cuppa without too much astringency or tannin or bitterness. Just a nice mellow tea flavor, albeit strong, and it looks like coffee by the time I add sugar and milk. A great coffee alternative!



Not a fan
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I gave it a few tried, but it just tastes like "a tea". There's just one flavour that I can find, and it's pretty similar to what I can get bagged at Tim Horton's. "Flat" is a good word for it. Compared to the organic breakfast -- well, there is no comparison. I'll leave it at that.



Good Mornin'!!!
Average Review:

The Dorchester English Breakfast will knock your socks off! I love teas that pucker my mouth for hours, and this tea fills the bill. Astrigent, but with a great body. Stout and sturdy, this tea will wake you up!

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