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This tea was in the original five teas that made up our Historic Royal Palace tea line. The tin is a lovely blue that is reminiscent of the sapphires found in the Tower of London's Crown Jewels. We blended a special Earl Grey for this occasion. It is stronger in body than the Earl Grey Supreme (a nod to our British cousins' taste for strong teas.) And the lemony bergamot is also stronger than our other Earl Greys.
Dry Leaves A mixture of black and brown leaves.
Liquor The liquor is a clear brown, tending toward russet.
Aroma The lemony aroma of bergamot from Italy comes through clearly.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body The medium bodied tea is lightened by the addition of oolong tea.
Flavors In the later decades of the British Empire, the citrus flavors became synonymous with Earl Grey Tea. This tea is true to that heritage.
Brewing Time 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F

Earl Grey Imperial

This Earl Grey is part of our distinguished line of historical English blends which were created especially for the Historic Royal Palaces of England. A blend of fine black teas, rich in natural Bergamot.
tea bags
Earl Grey Imperial – Tea Sachets, Tagalong Tin of 5
SKU: 72725
Earl Grey Imperial – Tea Sachets, HRP Tin of 30
SKU: 35414

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Love the tea hate sachets
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I agree 100% with Kathy 5/11/16 love the tea but hate that it does not come as loose tea.



Wonderful tea, but I hate the sachets and small quantity
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I absolutely love this Earl Grey tea. For my palet, which prefers a strong tea with deep bergamot favor, it is the perfect Earl Grey. I've tried Harney's regular Earl and the Supreme and countless others from various suppliers, and this is my favorite. However, I am extremely disappointed that it only comes in the sachets. Not only do they take up more room than loose tea (requiring an oversized tin that is too big for my pantry door shelf), but it is also not compostable. We compost all of our tea, loose or in bags, but the cloth sachets can't be composted. Seemingly a minor annoyance, but it has prevented me from ordering again. Finally, when I find a tea I really like, I prefer to order by the pound, but the largest quantity of this tea that can be ordered is 30 sachets. Hoping someone actually reads this review and considers offering the tea loose. I can't find anywhere on the website to email a comment/suggestion.



The ABSOLUTE BEST Earl Grey out there ...
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I never thought I would find a better Earl Grey than the one made in England by T****ings. BUT this Imperial Earl Grey is by far superior. Wonderful flow through bags allow 100% infusion. Perfect blend of bergamot as well. Kudos to Harney & Sons for this tea :) !!!

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