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Briskness Body Aroma
1 1 2
Dry Leaves No
Liquor No
Aroma No
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body No
Flavors No
Brewing Time 2 to 3 minutes
Brewing Temperature 175° F

Seven Sons Congratulating

This tea originated in northern Fujian Province, to celebrate the highly unusual event of having seven sons. Mike only has 3, so he can only imagine the joy of having four more! Once immersed in hot water, out pops a royal red flower surrounded by a ring of jasmine flowers, almost like a crown.
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Seven Sons Congratulating - loose 2 oz tin 40
Seven Sons Congratulating - loose 2 oz tin
SKU: 44430

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Update to previous review...
Average Review:

I decided to try a cheaper blooming tea from another company... The taste was off, kind of dust, and the darn things fell apart so I needed to strain. I take back what I said about the value. It is worth it for the quality.



Mild and Pretty
Average Review:

This tea has a really nice flavor, not bitter, mellow and slightly vegetal without being overly grassy. The flower is beautiful, I found it to be quite large, it took up the bottom of my biggest tea mug and filled the bottom. I ended up pouring a second batch of hot water over the flower, and the second batch of tea was just as lovely. The flower held up perfectly. I would have liked a little more tea for the price, my tin had 8 balls total, wrapped in twos. If there were ten in the tin I would have felt the value was better.



Average Review:

I drink this art tea and the other art teas from Harney often; I prefer these teas over others because they are not contaminated with flavorings (like so many others). Just the lovely white and green tea leaves, and the very subtle flavor of the flower. Yes they are subtle, but once you try them all and get to know them you will appreciate their pure nature and enjoy the experience...each flower gives a slightly different flavor. These are also great for work and traveling since they come in the tin as pouches containing two tea balls each. This particular one actually has more jasmine scent and flavor than the jasmine fairy one; but again is very slight very subtle. I like that the jasmine has not been concentrated or added in any other way except for the flowers themselves.

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