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We wanted to offer a flavored oolong blend. This would make oolongs more approachable to some tea lovers. So we chose a good oolong and added the pomegranate.
Dry Leaves Rolled green leaves.
Liquor A very light clear green-yellow.
Aroma On top of the floral and citrus flavors of the tea lies the sweet citrus aromas of pomegranates.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body Medium body.
Flavors A lovely tasting oolong that is light and refreshing with strong flavors of pomegranate.
Brewing Time 4 to 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 205° F

Pomegranate Oolong

The full leaves of premium Ti Quan Yin oolong are deliciously infused with tangy pomegranate to create this inspiring yet complex full-bodied blend that brews into a sweetly fragrant, silky textured cup of tea.
tea bags
HRP Pomegranate Oolong - 30 sachet tin
SKU: 35423

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This is my new favorite!
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I tried this at a Barnes and Noble because this was the only oolong tea they had. I was surprised how good it really is because I don't like flavored teas. This tea makes me happy.



The Best Yet
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I have never had a tea I liked without some type of sweetener added. This is the first tea that I LOVE without sweetener. It was sent as a free sample with one of my orders and it will now always be in my cupboard. Can't praise it enough.



Lovely pairing of oolong and pomegranate
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I recently became addicted to oolong, so when I went to my local bookstore for my cup of tea, the barista and I got to talking again, and she recommended this tea to me. It is a really lovely tea. Fresh, fruity and smooth to taste. It's just a perfect fruit to pair with the oolong-it doesn't overwhelm the oolong that you can't taste and appreciate it as the base of this tea. The pomegranate is the first thing you taste, at the initial sip, but the smoothness of the oolong just completes it. Definitely a tea I will be adding to my collection!

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