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Tropical Green

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Tropical Green

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Product Review (submitted on March 12, 2013):

This was the first Harney & Sons tea I tried when I started my journey in switching from coffee to tea. I love the baristas at my Barnes & Nobles because many of them ironically are tea drinkers, rather than coffee drinkers. This was the tea they recommended after I told them I enjoyed green tea, so I was both hesitant and excited to taste this. I love the smell of the pineapple-opening the tin is always a favorite thing to do because it just smells so great-it always makes me think of summer! Although the smell is very strong, the pineapple is subtle in this tea. The green tea and pineapple pairing just works well together. Recently, I went to another tea place and tasted their blueberry/pineapple pairing and was not impressed-it tasted too artificially flavored! So when I went to get a cup at my bookstore, I asked if they could give me a sachet of this and the blueberry green tea to see if it would taste better, and it was the best decision ever! Cold or hot, this is one tea you cannot go wrong with! I love it! But just as with any green tea, never steep it for more than the suggested 2-3 minutes (I steep mine for 3 for a bit stronger green tea taste). I accidently left it for 5 minutes, and it became very bitter.

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