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Product Review (submitted on January 12, 2013):

I'm a little confused about this tea. In the past, I bought it in the tea sachets, and I had absolutely no problems with it. The fragrance is just wonderful, and it's so smooth, it's almost buttery on your tongue. I don't know how else to describe it! Really wonderful though. My only issue has come with my purchase of the foil teabags. When I used the sachets, I would always steep for 3 minutes with cooler-than-boiling water, and it came out perfectly every time. When I first started using the teabags, it still came out consistently with the taste I expected. But for some reason, as I've been using the teabags in the past few weeks, the tea keeps tasting more bitter every time I use it, though I've been shortening the steeping time incrementally every instance. Sometimes I'll even get the initial taste to come out fine, but after I've removed the bag and the tea has just sat in the cup for 20 minutes or so, it seems to turn bitter, even though it didn't start out that way. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? But I'm quite precise about my tea-making method and I've never had this problem before in years of tea-drinking. For all I know, it could be a problem with my tea storage, but I'm thinking it could be a problem with the tea as well.

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