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One of Mike's favorite trips in Zhejiang Province in China is up Jin Shan. One leaves the heat and crowds and climbs up a curvy road. Up through the dark pines and pale bamboo trees, to arrive at the ochre walls of the Jin Shan Monastery. Here at this tiny village, locals make a tea that was developed by monks over the centuries. Light yet flavorful, the tea is beautiful with its twists of green and white. Based upon his research, Mike believes that this area was the source of the teas that were transplanted from China to Japan, and which started the great tradition of tea in Japan.
Dry Leaves Thin twists of dull green with lots of tips
Liquor Pale Khaki
Aroma The aroma is a haunting mixture of citrus notes from the tea with roast notes from the charcoal finish.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body With all the tips, this is a light bodied tea
Flavors Light lemon notes blended in with the darker flavors from the production in hot woks and finished with light charcoal notes. It reminiscent of roasted vegetables like sorrel.
Brewing Time 2 to 3 minutes
Brewing Temperature 175°

Jin Shan

Jin Shan is a light Chinese green tea from a tiny village in Zhejiang Province. It is loaded with silvery tips, and delicious flavors of citrus and roasted vegetables.
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Exquisite Green Tea
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One of the many reasons to keep on the lookout for truly special treas from Harney and Sons. One of the oldest Chinese teas, it is still made the traditional way. The flavor is subtle and elegant. All the skills of drinking Chinese tea can be employed with this brew. Adore the leaves; smell them before they are brewed. Taste multiple infusions and experience the evolution of a great tea. Inspect the brewed leaves to see how carefully they have been processed. Hand-picked; hand rolled, hand fired, and unbroken. Not only is Jin shan a "top ten" in China, it is one of the world's greatest teas.



This tea is good. :P
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This tea is good. :P

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