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This will be Mike’s go ­to tea each morning. He loves the briskness to start the day. Yet, there is no need for milk and sugar. The briskness is tempered by the sweetness of the golden tips. Another success from our friends at Jayshree Teas.
Dry Leaves Small broken leaves that have a dark brown color, there are many golden specks or tips throughout. The golden tips are the baby tea buds, so they are sweeter and lighter than the other tea leaves.
Liquor Bright russet red.
Aroma This tea has dark honey and malt aromas.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body This is a tea loaded with body, but tempered by the golden tips. The body and briskness comes from the size of the leaves. The small leaves have slightly components than larger leaves and that gives them the body and briskness.
Flavors The dark honey and toasted malt flavors predominate.
Brewing Time 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F

Mangalam Assam Broken

We love the brisk, yet slightly sweet flavors and good body of Mangalam Assam Broken tea. ('Broken' refers to the form of the small tea leaves). It's Mike’s go-­to tea every morning, since he loves briskness to start the day, yet finds it enjoyable without needing to add milk and sugar. The sweetness of the golden tips tempers the briskness, so the dark honey and toasted malt flavors can really shine.
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My go-to black tea when drinking English-style, with milk
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This is a strong, malty Assam with almost no astringency. It's best made in two infusions: 30 seconds and 90 seconds. I'm not really sure why everyone recommends steeping teas like this for more than that. The flavor is much more complex and smooth when you use more tea and two short infusions.



Best black tea I have ever had
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I took a gamble on this tea, buying the 3oz tin as there is no sample size. I was not disappointed. As Mike's review says, it has a briskness and mild sweetness that obviates any need for milk and sugar. If you are looking for a tea that doesn't need milk and sugar, this is the one. I also found I preferred the flavor of this tea over that of others such as English Breakfast and the Hao Ya A/B teas.



A disappointment compared to the 2013
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The 2013 Mangalam Broken was probably the best tea I have ever tasted. I have been eagerly waiting for the 2014 and bought it as soon as it became available. Unfortuntately it does not have the 'Assamness' I love. There is a faint chocolatey aroma, slightly sweet. There is very little tea aroma and the taste and tannins are rather mild. Overall it is a light drink. I now notice in Mike's review that he drinks it without milk and sugar and maybe that is the problem for me. I always drink Assam with milk and sugar, and this new Manglam doesn't have the flavor or aroma to come through. It sure isn't what I was hoping.

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