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Mutan White is made on the same hills that make Chinese Silver Needle, just outside of Fuan in northern Fujian Province. The tea is based upon the same Da Bei or Big White cultivar. After enough tips (or buds) are gathered to make Chinese Silver Needle, the plants are allowed to grow some more. Then when two immature leaves have grown, the whole set is harvested; two leaves and a bud (aka tip.) The sets are dried in large barns, where the slow process allows a bit of oxidation to occur. This gives Mutan White some fruity and vegetal flavors.
Dry Leaves A mix of silver-green long tips (or buds) and forest green leaves. This tea is made after the harvest of the Chinese Silver Needle (aka YinZhen). The growers allow some leaves to mature and then they harvest. Like with Silver Needle, little is done other to allow the tea to dry inside a barn. Although the leaves look green, this is a white tea because of the production method.
Liquor Mutan White has a yellow green liquor, and is the darkest of all white teas because the leaves are attached to the white tip.
Aroma This tea has a light vegetal aroma glazed with sugar, like the sweet, charred quality of roasted leeks.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body In the realm of white teas, this tea has the most body. This is because of the leaves, although it is still much lighter than most other teas.
Flavors The finest (and that is what we offer) fill your mouth with the light sweet vegetal flavors of steamed yellow squash or leeks.
Brewing Time 2 to 3 minutes
Brewing Temperature 175° F

Mutan White

An excellent introduction to rare white tea, Mutan White has an abundance of silvery white buds and green leaves. It is light and sweet with vegetal flavors, and comes from Fuan in northern Fujian Province, China. Kosher.
An excellent introduction to white tea, it has an abundance of silvery white buds and green leaves. It is light and sweet with vegetal flavors.
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Mutan White – Loose Tea, Sample
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Mutan White – Loose Tea, 1.5 oz Tin
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Mutan White – Loose Tea, 1 lb Bag
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An excellent introduction to white tea, it has an abundance of silvery white buds and green leaves. It is light and sweet with vegetal flavors.

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This tea is absolutely sublime. It's fruity, sweet, and perfectly balanced. I steep this differently than the directions on the tin- I use water at 160 rather than boiling, since boiling water can scald the tea and make it bitter. I steeped it with two teaspoons per cup for seven minutes- no bitterness, nothing but fruity and floral sweetness.



Mutan White
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I was looking for a white tea from Harney and went with the number of stars and tried Mutan White. It is ok. For me the smell and taste are quite grassy. That being said, I don't want to waste it, so I will finish the tin of sachets and will try a different white tea.



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Better than most anything else you'll get in bags, but still one step below loose leaf outside of sachets; for one, several of the leaves are broken/crumbled, two, even with the pyramid shape, the leaves can't fully float around and release their full flavor, and 3 the floral and fruity flavor isn't quite at the same level as some other mudan/mutan whites I've had. That said, the price is great and the sachet convenience is too, if you don't want to bring around a brewing filter with you. I will finish the tin, then invest in some high-quality loose white. If you want a decent introduction to whites with the convenience of a tea bag, this is it. A slightly buttery tea, smells vaguely of nuts and caramels, mild floral/ grassiness, mild sweetness and only a hint of astringency.

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