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Oolong Tea Sample Set


We offer many fine teas, but which one will you like? To help you, we have sampler sets of special teas for oolong, green, and black teas. There are 4 tins of tea with around 1 ounce of tea with detailed descriptions included. That way, you can see at the same time which ones you like. Please note, the tea selection in each sampler is subject to change due to seasonal tea availability.Find out more about the elusive Oolongs! Includes:.5 oz. Wenshan Baozhong; 1 oz. Ti Quan Yin; 1 oz Formosa Oolong; .5 oz Da Hong PaoEach of the teas listed in this sampler contain caffeine.

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Oolong Tea Sample Set 18
Oolong Tea Sample Set
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