Customer Service

Welcome to Harney & Sons Customer Service Page. We are not only committed to delivering premium quality tea, tea wares and gifts, but our goal is to create a positive experience for our customers throughout their shopping experience. It has been our mission from day one to deliver the highest quality customer service to our loyal tea drinkers. We have created this page to anticipate any questions that may arise. If you require additional information at anytime, please do not hesitate calling out dedicated customer service team at 888-427-6398, or email us at

Contact Us
Phone: (888) 427-6398
Fax: (800) 832-8463
Phone (outside US): (518) 789-2100
Toll-free from Canada: (888) 745-9354

Orders & Billing

Sales Tax

Harney & Sons Fine Teas charges sales tax for teapots and accessories, but not for tea.

Credit Card Information

When your order is placed, your card will be authorized for the amount of your order. The charge to your card is not actually made until we ship the order. It may appear as though there are two charges, but there's one authorization and one charge. If your statement arrives and there are in fact two charges, please contact us immediately at 888-427-6398. However, the majority of authorizations clear themselves within a matter of hours following the actual one-time charge made to your card when the order shipped.

Gift Card

Tea is a healthy gift that nicely fits all. Not sure what varieties someone may enjoy? A gift certificate offers a practical solution. We offer these in any amount you select on our gifts page ( You may even elect delayed delivery, to ensure your certificate arrives at a time of your choosing. Certificates arrive via email. We unfortunately do not offer the snail mail kind.

Special Promotions

To add promotional codes, look for the necessary box in payment information area.