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The Organic Sencha is the "real deal." We were happy to find a nice tasting green tea that was truly Organic and truly a Sencha. We are big fans of Matsuda and his Sencha. When we learned that this tea was the from the same valley: Watsuka, we were very excited. Organic teas are very important to some, however, sometimes it is hard to find these teas made in Japan. The tea makers often feel that they can not make good tea without the addition of Nitrogen. This element is found in every amino acid (even those in your body) and amino acids give Sencha there body or umami, also they add sweetness to the brew. However this teamaker gets by with natural fertilizers. Yes, the tea is a bit weaker than other Senchas, but is still very nice.

Organic Sencha

In the past, we have avoided "Organic Sencha." Our feeling was maybe it was organic, and maybe it was a Japanese Sencha, but the tea did not meet our taste expectations. However, Mike met our current supplier a few years ago and was quite impressed by this Sencha. This one is certified organic – and it is certainly from Japan – and most importantly, it tastes like a good Sencha.
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Organic Sencha – Loose Tea, Sample
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Good light flavor with pleasant aftertaste! Review by Jason
Average Review:
This tea has a light green tea flavor with less vegetal flavors than some Jeju Island Korean green teas I've tried, and leaves a pleasant aftertaste I might describe as a little sweet for lack of a better description. This tea leaves my mouth feeling pleasantly clean after drinking it without sugar.

I was delighted to have the opportunity to enjoy a quality organic green tea from Japan in particular, because there have been news stories lately about lead problems in teas from China which I find disturbing. Based on what I've heard, teas from other areas like Japan had lower levels of lead contamination, so this seems like it should be a very healthy choice, particularly given that it is organic as well! However, finding a quality Japanese green tea that is also organic seemed to be a bit of a challenge. I'm delighted to have finally found one.

Like many other Harney teas, my 4 oz purchase also came with a beautiful tea tin! (Posted on 5/22/16)
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Good everyday tea Review by Neia
Average Review:
Although this Sencha does not give much umami flavor, I appreciate that it is offered in an organic form. It is also very affordable compared to other Senchas. I use it with a cold-brew method, which seems to bring out the umami flavor more than a hot-brew method. (Posted on 8/28/13)
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Nice sencha Review by Spike Sagal
Average Review:
Tastes good. A little light on flavor and body, and brews golden instead of green. (Posted on 8/3/13)
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