Harneyville Terms & Conditions



These Official Rules contain the terms and conditions that apply to the eligibility to enter, participate and be awarded a prize in the Harneyville Holiday Promotion (“Promotion”) which is sponsored by Harney & Sons Fine Teas (the “Sponsor,” “we,” “us” or “our”). Please read these Official Rules carefully, because by entering, participating or accepting a prize, you are agreeing to be unconditionally legally bound by all of the terms and conditions contained in these Official Rules. If you violate or fail to comply with any term or condition in these Official Rules, we have the right to disqualify you, and you will forfeit the right to receive any prize. In all matters relating to this Promotion, the Sponsor has the sole right to exercise complete discretion and judgment, including, without limitation, the administration, operation and conduct of the Promotion. All decisions of the Sponsor are and shall be final and binding.

Promotion Period

The Promotion starts on November 8 and ends at 11:59:59 P.M. Eastern Standard Time on December 19, 2020 (“Promotion Period”).  

Who Is Eligible?

To be a qualified entrant, eligible to enter, participate and awarded a prize (“Entrant”), you must be an account holder of Harney & Sons,at least 18 years old and a legal resident in the 50 United States of America during the entire Promotion Period.  No employee, director, officer, owner of the Sponsor, nor any of their subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, agents or members of their immediate families or individuals living in the same household (individually and/or collectively, the “Sponsor Entities”) are eligible. Even if you have multiple accounts with us or multiple emails associated with your account, you may only enter once, and the Entrant will be deemed to be the natural person associated with the Harney & Sons account and email registered with us in your profile.  

How Do You Enter?

There are two components to this Promotion:Instant Prizes and theEterni-TEA Sweepstakes and, correspondingly, there are instant prizes you can win and separate prizes that can be awarded in the Sweepstakes.  To win an Instant Prize and be entered into the Sweepstakes, first create a Harney & Sons account (your “account”) or sign in to your Harney & Sons account each week during the Promotion Period and visit the Promotion web page (https://harney.com/pages/harneyville). 

Instant Prizes:  When you visit the Promotion web page, you will have the ability to participate in a new challenge twice-weekly (see the listing of challenges below). Challenges may require a purchase or ask you to engage in some activity, but you will also have the ability to enter for free, without making a purchase or engaging in an activity, and the instructions for how you can do so are on our Promotion web page (https://www.harney.com/pages/harneyville-alternate).  

Whichever you choose, whether you complete a challenge or decide to enter without doing so, you will receive a Game Play.  Each Game Play is essentially a virtual activator that will allow you to win an Instant Prize. At any point during the Promotion Period, go back to the Promotion web page where you will be able to see how many Game Plays you have earned and how many you have available that you haven’t used yet.  If you haven’t received a Game Play for any particular week that has passed, don’t worry. You can always get one by completing the challenge or use the free entry method for each week you missed, but you have to wait for each week before being able to receive the next Game Play, but once the Promotion Period ends, you won’t be able to earn or receive any more Game Plays and you won’t be able to use them to get an Instant Prize.  To use your Game Plays, click on the “Pour the Tea” button (link) on our Promotion web page to reveal your Instant Prize which is selected at random by our system.  Once your Instant Prize is revealed, we will send an email to the email account you registered with us in your Harney & Sons account, which will provide the details on how you can redeem each Instant Prize you are awarded.

Remember, you can receive one Game Play twice a week that allows you to obtain an Instant Prize for each of the 6 weeks during the Promotion Period, and when your Instant Prize is revealed, you will also automatically receive one entry into the Sweepstakes portion of our Promotion, as well as a Village Badge for your account. If you are using the free entry method, you will also be able to receive one entry (and a Village Badge) for each Game Play you receive each week during the Promotion by following the free entry instructions we send you.  In all cases, each Entrant will only be allowed to have a total of 12 entries in the Sweepstakes.

Only one Challenge can be completed and subsequently, one Game Play earned, per purchase on Harney.com. While a purchase may satisfy the requirements of more than one Challenge, that purchase will only earn you one Game Play and the Village Badge associated with the most current Challenge. To complete all purchase-oriented Challenges, you must either complete each Challenge requirement in a separate transaction or complete each Alternate Entry Method. 

It is important to keep in mind that ONLY Entrants who receive all 12 Game Plays and obtain ALL 12 Village Badges during the Promotion Period will be eligible and entitled to be awarded the Grand Prize ofTea for Eterni-TEA described below. The odds of winning the Grand Prize depend on how many Entrants qualify and have received all 12 Village Badges.

What Are Challenges?

Completing each challenge (or if a free entry, completing the free entry form for each challenge) within each period specified for each challenge will entitle the Entrant to a Game Play. Entrants can only earn one Game Play for each challenge:

Challenge #1 - Millerton Tea Shop Challenge: Spend $35 or more. 

Starting  November 8, make one (1) purchase of $35 or more on harney.com. Order value must be $35 or more after any discounts are applied.

Challenge #2 - Oakhurst Diner Challenge: Leave a product review. 

Starting November 11, leave a product review on any product on harney.com.

Challenge #3 - Harney Headquarters Challenge: Buy from HT, Classics or HRP Collection

Starting November 15, make at least one (1) purchase of at least one (1) product from the HT, Classics or HRP Collection.

Challenge #4 - Mintea the Snowman Challenge: Let your friends on social media know about Harneyville Holiday

Starting November 18, click the Share to Facebook button on the Promotion Site.

Challenge #5 - Harneyville House Challenge:  Buy a gift card for a friend. 

Starting November 22, purchase at least one (1) Harney & Sons Gift Card of any amount from harney.com.

Challenge #6 - The Harney Mobile Challenge: Check out the Gift Guides

Starting November 25, on the Promotion Site, click on any one (1) of the four (4) gift guides to view the Tea Fanatics Gift Guide, the Coworker Gift Guide, the Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide, or the New to Tea Gift Guide.

Challenge #7 - Cinnamon the Reindeer Challenge: Buy anything on harney.com

Starting November 29, make at least one (1) purchase of at least one (1) product from harney.com.

Challenge #8 - Peppermint Ice Rink Challenge: Refer a Friend

Starting December 2, click the REFER A FRIEND BUTTON on the Promotion Site. You will be automatically provided a link to the web page which you enter a legitimate and active email address not owned by you, the Entrant.

Challenge #9 - Harney St. Road Sign Challenge: Shop the Cocktail Collection.

Starting December 6, make at least one (1) purchase of at least one (1) product from the Cocktail Collection.

Challenge #10 - Harneyville Train Station Challenge: Take our Quiz. 

Starting December 9, click the CHECK OUT OUR QUIZ button to be directed to our page to complete a quiz to determine which tea will make you smile. You must be logged in to your customer account while taking the quiz. 

Challenge #11 - Harneyville Tree Challenge: Spend $50 on harney.com

Starting December 13, make one (1) purchase of $50 or more on harney.com. Order value must be $50 or more after any discounts are applied.

Challenge #12 - The Tree Topper Challenge: Take Time for Tea

Starting December 16, click the TAKE TIME FOR TEA button on the Promotion Site. We encourage Entrants to brew a cup of tea and take a moment to relax.

What Are the Instant Prizes?

There are eight different Instant Prizes that will initially be available, and for those with limited quantities, they will no longer be available once the supply of those particular Instant Prizes is depleted. Instant Prizes that involve discounts will automatically expire on February 15, 2021 if they aren’t used by that date. The instant prizes are:

  •   10% off one transaction on harney.com     
  •   20% off one transaction of $75 or more on harney.com      
  •   $25 Harney & Sons gift card (quantity is limited to 700 gift cards) 
  •   50 Loyalty Points
  •   $10 off one transaction on harney.com      
  •   Tea Lover’s Face Mask (quantity is limited to 1,000 face masks)           
  •   Tea Lover’s Travel Mug (quantity is limited to 500 travel mugs)
  •   (Virtual) Coal

What Are the Sweepstakes Prizes?

On or about two weeks after the Promotion Period ends, a random drawing from among the eligible entries into the Sweepstakes will be held by the Sponsor or the Sponsor’s designated representative.  After each entry is drawn and designated to be awarded a prize, each additional entry will be drawn from the remaining pool of eligible entries. The drawing for prizes* will be in the following order:

  •   Five (5) qualified Entrants will be awarded a $200 Harney & Sons gift card;
  •   Four (4) qualified Entrants will be awarded “Tea for 6 Months,” having an estimated retail value of $38.33 and which will be awarded by crediting 767 Loyalty Points to the winner’s Harney Customer Account; and
  •   Two qualified Entrants will receive “Tea for one 1 Year,” having an estimated retail value of $76.65 and which will be fulfilled by crediting 1,533 Loyalty Points to the winner’s Harney Customer Account.

The  Grand Prize will be drawn from the remaining eligible entries which will be limited to ONLY those Entrants who have obtainedall 12 Game Plays and correspondingly all 12 Village Badges.  The winning Entrant will be awarded the “Tea for Eterni-TEA” prize, which is based on a 40-year period, with an estimated retail value of $3,066 and which will be fulfilled by crediting 61,320 Loyalty Points to the winner’s Harney Customer Account.

* The estimated retail value for each prize is based on a $30 1-lb bag of loose tea price which contains 140 servings. 

Loyalty Points will be credited to each prize winners’ Customer Account after they have been declared a winner on or after January 8, 2021, have met all the qualifications and complied with all the terms and conditions of these Official Rules.  Loyalty Points credited remain subject to all the rules, terms and conditions that apply to Loyalty Points and the loyalty reward program.

If, for any reason, any potential winner who is awarded a prize is unable or unwilling to accept the prize, does not respond within five days after our first attempt to contacted the Entrant (using the email account registered to the Entrant) or is disqualified or considered ineligible as an Entrant, that potential winner will forfeit any and all rights under these Official Rules, including, without limitation, any right to receive a prize, and a potential winner for that prize will be drawn from the remaining pool of eligible Entrants.

Limitations of Liability & Releases

These Official Rules represent the entire agreement between you and us with respect to the Promotion and supersede all other promises, understandings, representations, terms and conditions.  You agree under no circumstances will we or any Sponsor Entity be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary or punitive damages of any kind, regardless of the form of action or basis of the claim and regardless of whether or not foreseeable or anyone was notified or aware of the possibility of such damages. In the event we are held liable for any reason for any damages, direct, indirect or otherwise, in connection with the Promotion, these Official Rules or otherwise, the aggregate limit of our liability shall be $100 (one hundred dollars). All Entrants release the Sponsor and all the Sponsor Entities and anyone associated with the development and execution of the Promotion from any and all liability with respect to or in any way arising from this Promotion, the award, acceptance and/or use of any prize.


All taxes, fees and surcharges on prizes are the sole responsibility of the prize winner, and where the total value of the prize redeemed is equal to $600 or more, will receive an IRS Form 1099 from us for each tax year relevant to the prize award.

Entrants agree that all communications and notifications to Entrants related to this Promotion, unless otherwise agreed with the Sponsor, may be accomplished using the email account associated with their Harney Customer Account. 

Winners have no right to substitute or request cash in lieu of any prizes, however Sponsor reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value at any time.  Prizes are non-transferable, and each Entrant is limited to 12 Instant Prizes and each winning Entrant to only one Sweepstakes prize.

Except where prohibited by law, Entrants consent to the Sponsor, its agencies and representatives use of the name, audio-visual recordings, photographs and State of residence of Entrant, as well as any statements made by Entrant in connection with the Promotion and/or the Sponsor, for advertising and promotional purposes without notice or compensation of any kind.

Sponsor is not responsible for entries that are corrupted or received incorrectly or for any problems or malfunction of communications, networks, online or mobile systems, platforms, servers or service providers, equipment, software, email, or any other problems related to or resulting from participating in the Promotion. Sponsor assumes no responsibility for any technical or human error which may occur in the processing of entries, nor for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, entries, including lost, late or misdirected entries. Sponsor is not responsible for any Entrant who is determined to be cheating or fraud by any Entrants.  Entrants violating or not complying with these Official Rules, engaging in illegal, inappropriate or other activities that disrupt or interfere with the intended operation of this Promotion or any other Entrant will be disqualified and forfeit any prizes.  Any attempt to undermine the legitimate or intended operation of the Promotion may be a violation of criminal and civil laws, and we reserve the right to seek damages to the fullest extent permitted by law and to report, provide information to and cooperate with law enforcement agents and officials.  If, for any reason, the Promotion is not capable of running as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any causes beyond the control of Sponsor which affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Promotion, Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Promotion.


The Sponsor of this Promotion is Harney & Sons Fine Teas 5723 Route 22 Millerton, NY 12546. You may obtain a list of prize winners until six months after the conclusion of the Promotion Period by sending us a request in writing and include a self-addressed, proper postage prepaid envelope in which we can send the list back to you.

Any questions regarding this Promotion should be directed to CVR atccox@cvrindy.com.