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Briskness Body Aroma
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Dry Leaves Our Pan Asia is a wonderful blend of dark green Chinese Bancha leaves and beautiful chrysanthemum flowers.
Liquor The flowers in this tea make the liquor slightly more brown than our basic green teas.
Aroma The chrysanthemums in this tea give it subtle floral notes while the aroma remains a little grassy.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body A light body.
Flavors This tea has a light, clean taste of our Chinese Bancha and a trace of chrysanthemum.
Brewing Time 3 minutes
Brewing Temperature 175° F

Pan Asia

Pan Asia tea is our delightful blend of Chinese Bancha green tea and big chrysanthemum flowers that creates a light, clean tasting beverage. Kosher.
A delightful blend of Chinese Bancha and big Chrysanthemum flowers that create a light, clean tasting delight.
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Pan Asia – Loose Tea, Sample
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A delightful blend of Chinese Bancha and big Chrysanthemum flowers that create a light, clean tasting delight.

Customer Reviews



Tastes like childhood
Average Review:

This tastes just like the chrysanthemum teas I used to drink as a child when my parents would take me out to our favorite Chinese restaurants (I'm Chinese). I was looking for a good chrysanthemum tea and I think this just might be it!



Wonderful floral note with a relaxing bonus!
Average Review:

Pan Asia is my favorite green tea by Harney & Sons. I have been drinking this tea for over 10 years. The chrysanthemum adds a floral note that lifts the tea above other banchas. The tea may be listed as caffeinated, but it does not jazz one up like black or white teas. I have found this tea aids in concentration and focus, which makes it a wonderful choice to drink while studying and working late into the evening.



Very Clean
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My Introduction to Bancha tea, I found this tea to give you a cleansing feeling while you drink it. It's flavor is very mild, as most Bancha seems to be, and is very nice to relax and unwind with. I also found myself craving some of this tea to make myself feel "clean" inside again after a junk food binge hehe

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