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Peaches & Ginger

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Peaches & Ginger

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Product Review (submitted on August 25, 2011):

The scent of ginger is noticeable very shortly after pouring the water onto the leaves. When steeping is complete the aroma is mild but spicy, with what seems like a hint of cinnamon, evoking memories of mulled wine at Christmastide. When tasted the ginger came through more than the peach, and the overall flavor was smooth and subtle. A little sugar helped awaken the flavor, bringing the peach and ginger out a little more and balancing the two. A little added cream changed the flavor again and reminded me at once of a good, creamy chai or a hot toddy. With or without cream, I would recommend just a little sugar to fully awaken the flavor. This is a delightful tea, and I'm already thinking of what it might be like with a little nip of brandy and a cinnamon stick at the holidays.

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