Chinese Matcha


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Matcha originated in China in the middle of the last millennium, then that tea culture was transferred to Japan, and was forgotten in China during the tumultuous years when the Qing Dynasty ruled. It is only recently that the Chinese have rediscovered their ancient methods. This is one of the best made in China.

Please make it the same way as Japanese Matcha, stir it into 160º F water. 

Mike's Tea Ratings

Briskness: 2
Body: 3
Aroma: 2
Details: A different sort of matcha.
Dry Leaves: Bright green powder
Liquor: Light green
Aroma: Honeydew melow and artichokes
Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
Body: Medium-bodied but lighter than Japanese Matchas
Flavors: Honeydew melow and artichokes
Brewing Time: Whisk to a foam
Brewing Temp: 175º