Earl Grey Imperial & Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits Gift

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If you love a good cup of Earl Grey but prefer your tea a little stronger, then when you purchase this gift set complete with biscuits for your pup, you’ll both be wagging your tails.


Our Earl Grey Imperial is a special blend that is stronger in body than traditional Earl Grey tea, with a lemony bergamot aroma. Our all-natural doggie biscuits feature peanut butter up front followed by hints of cinnamon at the finish; pairs well with socks. Best of all, 20% of your purchase goes to help animals in need.


Tea Ingredients:

Black tea blend, bergamot. Caffeinated.


Biscuit Ingredients:

Oat flour, rice flour, natural peanut butter, cage-free eggs, cinnamon and wildflower honey. Dog approved. Wheat, Corn, Soy & Gluten Free