EkoBrew Reusable Filter for Keurig® Single Cup Brewers

Many people own Keurig® machines to make brewing hot beverages more convenient. Brewing tea in teapots is the best option, yet doesn't always fit into our hectic lives, especially at the office. Even if it's a quick cup, make it a great one with Harney & Sons tea inside a reusable filter.

EkoBrew reusable filters allow you to choose and brew your favorite fine quality Harney & Sons tea. We find that two tea sachets work well – or for loose tea, 2 teaspoons are good for a small mug, and 3 teaspoons is best for larger mugs or to fill a small teapot.

Since EkoBrew filters may be reused, they reduce your waste and are an economical alternative to individual capsules.

Please note: This EkoBrew Reusable Filter is not compatible with Keurig 2.0 or 2.1 machines, or these models: B30, B130, B150, and B155.