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Harney & Sons Sampler - Oolong Loose Teas

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Find out more about the elusive and very special Oolongs! Whereas green tea isn't oxidized at all, and black teas are fully oxidized, oolongs fall in between through an intensive and complex process of steps to achieve partial oxidation. To introduce you to their subtle charms, we created our latest loose tea sampler with four tins, each with about 1 ounce of loose tea. Da Hong Pao and Ti Quan Yin are new crops from China, while Dong Ding and Formosa are from Taiwan. Each tea in this set contains caffeine.

Dong Ding - creamy like lemon taffy, with underlying vegetal notes.
Da Hong Pao - like peach compote with dark molasses, and then astringency from firing.

Formosa Oolong - with subtle sweet notes of peaches and roasted carrots covered by toasted walnuts.
Ti Quan Yin - a lovely oolong with enduring flavors of honey, butter and almonds. Each tea in this set contains caffeine.