Harney & Sons Sampler - Traditional Loose Teas
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This is the perfect sampler for those wishing to explore traditional, single estate teas. We've selected one from each major style of tea: White, Green, Oolong & Black. Discover the differences between these types of tea or share with friends who are new to the world of tea. There are four tins per set, each with about 1 ounce of loose tea. 

  • Hao Ya 'B', a Keemun black tea from China, with hints of chocolate and warm, toasty notes.
  • Kagoshima, with assertive flavors of green bell peppers and the rounded roasted flavors of walnuts
  • Mutan White
  • Ti Quan Yin, a lovely oolong with enduring flavors of honey, butter and almonds. Each tea in this set contains caffeine.

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