The Ultimate Tea Lover's Treasury – Norwood Pratt
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Norwood Pratt has had a long relationship with tea and John Harney. It all started back when Norwood was writing his first book on tea over 30 years ago. The two of them recounted this relationship in a wonderful video filmed by Alex Harney, available on our YouTube channel.

The Romance, Wonder & Practice of Humanity's Favorite Habit. "Thirty years ago it felt like being knighted for M.F.K. Fisher to praise my writing in her introduction to The Tea Lover's Treasury. This book is a descendant of that distant ancestor. Because I am a better writer than before, it is better organized, better written, and shorter. Because I know vastly more than before about a vastly greater array of teas, it is more useful and interesting. I return to the subject like a simple, healthful habit I enjoy and enjoy sharing the language and lore of an age-old global trade that links tea producers, dealers and consumers in a single world-wide community. And because I do not hope to return again to this subject, my hope is you will make The Ultimate Tea Lover's Treasury your starting point and carry on."

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$ 15.95