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Nowadays, many people own Keurig machines to make brewing of coffee and tea convenient. Brewing tea in teapots is the best, but does not always fit into our hectic lives. However most tea available for the Keurig machine just does not taste good. There is a reason- it is not great tasting Harney & Sons Tea inside the filter. Now we can change that!

We offer these Ekobrew reusable filters. Now you can put your favorite Harney & Sons Tea in one of these filters, and quickly you will have better tasting tea. We find that two sachets work well. For loose tea, two spoons work for the smaller portion side, and three teaspoons (oh! is that why they are called teaspoons) for the larger portion.

Another good benefit of this Ekobrew filters is that they can be reused, reducing your waste!

The Ekobrew Reusable Filter is not compatible with following Keurigs: B30, B130, B150, and B155.

EkoBrew Reusable Keurig...
SKU: 00110

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