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Why offer what no one else offers? Well, the question answers itself; we like being different. Also, Tencha looks stunning and delivers a lovely cup of tea. Finally, we like the educational value of comparing and contrasting this tea with other teas, especially Matcha. It is amazing that the vivid green flecks that make a clear liquor become a duller green and and opaque when ground between two rotating stones.


This a special offering as it is rare to find it for sale, even inside Japan. Tencha is the base tea for making powdered Matcha. It is dark in color but light in the cup. The tea has a lot of body, or umami, and no roast flavors.
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mellow and sweet Review by Famke
Average Review:
Being new to tea, I decided to try this tea because I love matcha. What a treat! Out of the green teas I've tried so far, this tea stands out and has become my favorite. Mellow and richly flavored...without bitterness. My husband who is a strictly black tea lover actually likes this tea for its sweetness. I hope Harney continues to stock this tea. (Posted on 3/8/15)
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Fresh and fabulous Review by Sue
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This tastes so much more interesting and complex than other green teas. The notes are so different, difficult for me to describe - just fresh and delicious. Some green teas are kind of bland and others a bit too sharp, this one is mellow, but very interesting and kind of layered with interesting and fresh flavors. So happy I tried it because I have finally found a green tea that I can love. (Posted on 7/14/13)
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Amazing Tea Review by Brett
Average Review:
My wife was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer almost two years ago. Since then I have sought out the best doctors to manager her treatment. In doing so I began going to any conference I could find where I might learn about emerging science which would benefit her. I am not one who easily believes in cures as though they are magic. I attended a medical conference in NYC where Dr. Woltering of LSU Medical School presented research that showed this tea is a uniquely effective angiostatin. English translation: it hinders the growth of tumors because cancer cannot grow bigger than 2 mm without getting your body to help it by growing capillaries to feed the tumors. Angiostatins are substances which inhibit your body's ability to help the cancer by jamming the protein signals that cancer is sending to your body. Huge amounts of money are being spent to develop drugs that do this. The drugs on the market which do this are VERY expensive. Here is the stunner: This tea was shown to be 100% effective against primary tumor, lymph node, and liver metastatic sites. All without any discernible side effects. It appears to be better than any man made drug currently known. See this link: www.ochsner.org/content/misc_files/SweetLeafTeaExtract09.pdf My experience involves its effect on Type 2 diabetes from which I suffer. It reduces inflammation that I experience in my feet and ankles when my blood sugar is high. My assumption I am no doctor is that its ability to improve my body's ability to manage the blood sugar level generates this benefit. (Posted on 9/7/11)
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Springtime Tea! Review by TC
Average Review:
Always satisfied w/Harney Teas and their exceptional customer service. This Japanese green tea tastes healthy &delicious !! For others undecided about drinking green tea,you won't be disappointed spending more for this green delight! (Posted on 3/17/11)
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