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There was a time when the only tea drunk was powdered tea mixed with hot water. It was at that time time that the Japanese developed an affection for tea. Traditionally, Japanese aristocrats used matcha for their tea ceremony. It was only in the 1800's that Japanese commoners started to drink brewed tea like Sencha and Bancha. This ancient tea is made from a shade grown tea, the best coming from outside of Kyoto near the suburb of Uji. After harvest, the tea (called Tencha) is air dried. The dry flakes are taken to a "clean" room filled with rotating millstones and everything is covered with green dust. After a full hour of grinding, each stone produces two ounces of dried Matcha.


Powder teas have been consumed in China and Japan for centuries. However it is only in the last few decades that we have taken a liking for this ancient tea. We enjoy the bracing vegetal flavors as well as the unusal way to make the tea.
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Matcha Jobetsugi (Thin Grade) - loose 30 g tin
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Matcha Jobetsugi (Thin Grade) - loose 80 g tin
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Matcha Senjunomukashi (Thick Grade) - loose 30 g tin
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Matcha Unjonotomo - loose 30 g tin
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Nice & Smooth Review by Michele
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The tea made with matcha jobetsugi is definitely a pleasant, yet muted experience. It is smooth and brisk with pleasing, but faint artichoke notes. Since I prefer a more full-bodied, highly vegetal cup of matcha tea, I will be trying the senjunomukashi. (Posted on 2/11/14)
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Vibrant Review by Benjamin
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This tea is a bright and vibrant brew. It makes a bright green opaque mixture in the cup like no tea Ive ever seen. It tastes very strong of vegetables. A great green tea by any measure. (Posted on 12/2/12)
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