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Most Gyokuo is grown in Uji, half an hour south the former Imperial capital of Kyoto. To service the demands of the Emperor and other members of the aristocracy, there were large tea fields and many tea factories built around Kyoto. It was in the twilight of the Edo era that shade grown teas were commercialized. Tsuyoshi's family has made and sold tea to the Emperor and his associates since the 1660's, so he knows something about tea. That is why we are pleased to offer this extra special (and expensive) tea.

Heavenly Gyokuro

This Gyokuro is hand picked from just outside Uji. This area of central Japan is known to make the best shade-grown Gyokuro. The delicate processing produces a very rare and very rich taste that might be most enjoyed by brewing the tea in cooler water than normal (155 degrees) for three minutes. This method of brewing can be a great way to enhance the tea's inherent sweetness and body.
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Heavenly Gyokuro - loose 2 oz tin
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A royal treat Review by Ashely
Average Review:
I received this tea today, after eyeing this up on Harney's website for almost a year I finally broke down and bought a tin.

Where do I begin?

The "heavenly" name in this tea is very deserved, This is, without a doubt, the best green tea I have ever tasted.

I brewed this tea at the 155 degree recommendation and I am surprised how flavorful is is at such a cool temperature, everything about this tea is just perfect and I glad I finally broke down and bought it

Love Japanese green tea and have a bit of extra money to spend it? GET THIS I cannot say enough how great it is (Posted on 12/15/14)
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