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Moroccan Mint

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Moroccan Mint

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Product Review (submitted on September 13, 2012):

I was really looking forward to my order of Moroccan Mint. I think the combination of green tea's astringent body and peppermint's aroma complement each other well. Yet, Harney's Moroccan Mint was a disappointment. After opening the dented tin, I was overwhelmed with a specific, unpleasant odor. While I waited for my water to boil, it dawned on me. The smell is reminiscent of middle school locker rooms and dirty ashtrays, or more precisely, tea that has been exposed to condensation, allowed to fester, and then dried. Harney and Sons is my favorite tea store. So in good faith, I plowed through the putrid aroma to sample the body of the tea. The body of the tea is absolutely banal. Even though I can identify the peppermint leaves in the loose leaf tea, the beverage holds no resemblance either the peppermint flavor or the cooling sensation from the peppermint oils. All in all, the tin of Moroccan Mint I received from Harney's was not an accurate reflection of H&S's wonderful teas. I believe I may have received a

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