Harney & Sons Meets Rob Jones

As we head into the holiday season, we remember how grateful we are for all we have, and honor individuals who are making a difference in the lives of those who are not as fortunate.

We recently had the honor of meeting Rob Jones, a double amputee who, served as a Marine and was wounded by an IED in the Iraqi War. He is traveling on his bike cross-country raising, money to aid war veterans.

Early Thursday morning, one of our employees, Bev, who has worked for Harney & Sons for more than 18 years, was in Lakeville, Connecticut, on her way to work when a caravan caught her eye. She read the explanation on the back of the truck and learned about Rob and his journey.

Inspired by what she had read, she quickly tracked down Rob’s info on the web when she got to work and told Paul Harney about it. Bev asked him if we could make a donation.

Since Rob’s caravan was passing through the Hudson Valley region, we asked him if he would make a detour and stop by our tea plant, and he accepted. The entire staff quickly went outside to the road to meet Rob and cheer him on. To support -- and hydrate! -- his efforts, we supplied him with Harney & Sons Tea and coconut water. Meeting Rob was the highlight of our day here at Harney & Sons.

Read about Rob’s journey, his other amazing pursuits,and how you can support him at: