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English Breakfast Tea was never designed or formulated all those years ago. Rather teas were chosen that were plentiful and not too expensive that would taste good with milk and sugar. Something an English person would enjoy at the start of a busy day. So in the early 1800s, that tea would have been a black tea from China. Later on, many Brits drank the brisker teas from the British colonies of India and Ceylon. After the Second World War, when the colonies became independent, the source of English Breakfast for the British became Africa. Nowadays, the English drink plenty of tea from Kenya. Those teas have taken over from the teas from Assam. And what tea from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) has a better pedigree than Kenilworth? It is right and fitting to drink this Royal English Breakfast.
Dry Leaves A mixture of dark brown leaves.
Liquor This tea brews a medium brown.
Aroma A nice blend of the aroma of honey with lemon tones. There are faint clove spice notes.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body This is a nicely fulfilling body, your mouth is full, but not too full.
Flavors The mellow dark honey flavors of the Kenilworth and complemented by the citrus and spice of the Kenyan Milima. They work perfectly with milk and sugar.
Brewing Time 4 to 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F

Royal English Breakfast

A stout combination of Kenilworth Ceylon and Kenyan Milima black teas makes a smooth, full-bodied brew. Royal English Breakfast is delicious when complemented with milk and sugar.
tea bags
Royal English Breakfast - tagalong w/ 5 sachets
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Love it!
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Another fan--found this at Barnes & Noble. A great tea in the mornings. I prefer mine very sweet with half and half. I'd also like to buy this in larger sizes!



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I drank Twinings English breakfast tea a few times a weeks for the last 20 years. After having this I can never go back!



Excellent tea!
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Well worth it - please offer in larger sizes!

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