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The Harneys, being of Irish heritage, did not offer a Scottish tea until now. Our friends at the American-Scottish Foundation asked us to do two teas. Our first attempt was a strong tea. They said it was nice, but to please make it a wee bit stronger. This Scottish Afternoon is lighten, slightly, by the addition of Darjeeling.
Dry Leaves A mixture of dark brown leaves, the smaller pieces of Assam and Ceylon, and Assam CTC (cut, tear, curl) method make for a stronger tea, also there are the green flecks of broken Darjeeling.
Liquor This tea brews a medium brown, slightly lighter than Scottish Morn.
Aroma The slight slight aromas that drift upwards are muffled malt and citrus.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body Strong body is the purpose of this tea, and it delivers a very full bodied tea. However the Darjeeling lightens the tea ever so slightly.
Flavors Strong and simple, this tea is meant to be drunk with milk.
Brewing Time 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F

Scottish Afternoon

Scottish Afternoon is slightly more aromatic and mellow than Scottish Morn, yet it is still a strong tea. A portion of the sales goes to support the charitable endeavors of the American-Scottish Foundation®.
This is a slightly more aromatic and mellow tea than Scottish Morn, however it is still a strong tea.
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Scottish Afternoon – Loose Tea, Sample
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Scottish Afternoon – Loose Tea, 4 oz Tin
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This is a slightly more aromatic and mellow tea than Scottish Morn, however it is still a strong tea.

Customer Reviews

Eric E. Durnan


Strong Tea
Average Review:

This is a tea with a lot of heft, like a Scottish man in a kilt tossing logs in the air. It doesn’t have floral notes. It doesn’t have much flavor to be honest other than dark tea flavor.
We steeped this in a mesh tea ball for 5 minutes. We use a strainer when we pour cups of tea from our pot and with this tea, you have to be careful not to take that final sip! Because it is more “powdered” than what we’re used to in a loose leaf, it leaves tea like mud in the bottom of the cup. This tea would be much better in a bag or sachet. Most likely bag as the particles are really fine.
The color is dark and I can see why they say this tea would take milk or cream well. All in all, a really fine tea, one I wouldn’t be afraid to serve to my guests, especially those who prefer a little cream in their tea.

E Stuart


Like PG Tips but Much Better!
Average Review:

If you've lived in England and love PG Tips, this tea is for you. It tastes like PG Tips, but is much, much better! It is one of my favorite teas.



excellent choice
Average Review:

Perfect spot of tea if you like it Downton style. Wonderful smooth but strong enough to perk me up. 5 stars!

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