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The Otsuka family, who supply several of the Japanese green teas, did a great job with this Sencha. Scent of the Mountain comes from Kawane, which is the highest tea region in the massive Shizuoka tea region. Although not as high as Darjeeling or Uva, it is high for Japanese tea gardens. The cooler air helps make for the lovely aroma.
Dry Leaves The leaves are medium in size, maybe a quarter of an inch with some even smaller. The tea is forest green with some lighter stalks included. The tea is between a regular steamed tea and a deep steamed tea, and this accounts for the size of the leaves.
Liquor The liquor is light and clear.
Aroma They do not call it Scent of the Mountain for no reason. This tea has a lovely, beguiling vegetal aroma. Few can resist.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body The body is light. This come from the Shizouka region, and is not deep steamed, so the body is lighter than other Senchas.
Flavors Like the aroma, the flavors are enticing. The vegetal spinachy flavor comes through clearly and strongly.
Brewing Time 1 to 2 minutes
Brewing Temperature 160° F

Sencha Scent of Mountains

This Japanese green tea is a hit! Sencha Scent of Mountains remains one of the most popular teas at our SoHo flagship store. People love the delicious light vegetal taste and distinctive aromas of this unique tea, grown in the highest region of Shizuoka. You will too!
This tea is a hit. It is one of the most popular teas at our store in SoHo. People love the delicous and distinctive aromas. You will too!
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This tea is a hit. It is one of the most popular teas at our store in SoHo. People love the delicous and distinctive aromas. You will too!

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A Haunting Brew
Average Review:

Harney & Sons first introduced me to fine Japanese tea and I am forever grateful. When I sip Sencha Scent of Mountains, it evokes images of being lost in the spring time. (in a pleasant sort of way.) The aroma is hauntingly enticing, if there is such a thing. It makes for a very relaxing and enjoyable brew...

I normally steep for less than 160 degrees in 1 minute 10-20 seconds, and tea comes out wonderful; no bitterness, just wonderful. I re-steep for 3 more infusions with no loss of flavor. Wow, it is one of my favorites!!

Just so you have an idea, I also enjoy Matsuda's Sencha and Yanagi Premium Green. Feel like I've only just begun, and will be trying more of good time.



Great sencha
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I really like the flavor of this tea. The references to its "vegetal spinachy" taste is accurate. I may be subliminally influenced by the name, but it does remind me of hiking in the mountains.



Not for me.
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I've been exploring green teas for some time, and this sencha is an example of what I (and many others) do NOT like about green tea. For me, there is something off-putting about the taste, followed by a mild, but distinct, queasiness after I swallow it. It is not a rewarding experience, and I've tried several similar teas. This is probably one of those genetically influenced chemical things, like a negative response to cilantro.

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