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Takashimaya was the best tea shop in New York for many years. They did a great job with teas from Japan and around the world (which we supplied.) One of Brigitte Harney's favorite drinks was Soba, so when we found a good source, we bought it.
Dry Leaves Small brown grains.
Liquor The liquor of this herbal is a light yellow.
Aroma This traditional Japanese herbal has a very toasty aroma.
Caffeine Level Caffeine Free
Body A light body.
Flavors Similar to the aroma, this caffeine-free herbal tastes very toasty, with some nutty undertones.
Brewing Time 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F

Soba Tea – Roasted Buckwheat

Soba – roasted buckwheat – is a traditional Japanese specialty that is prepared as you would an herbal tisane. It is naturally caffeine free, with a delightful toasty flavor and nutty undertones. It was always Brigitte Harney's favorite on our visits to the former Takashimaya on Fifth Avenue, where we supplied tea for their renowned tea room over many years. We've since found a fine source, and are pleased to continue offering it.
Soba is roasted buckwheat and is caffeine free. Its toasty flavor is a traditional delight in Japan.
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Soba Tea – Loose Tea, Sample
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Soba Tea – Loose Tea, 4 oz Tin
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Soba Tea – Loose Tea, 1 lb Bag
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Soba is roasted buckwheat and is caffeine free. Its toasty flavor is a traditional delight in Japan.

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Pleasant Surprise
Average Review:

I tried this tea at the Harney store in SoHo. I am not a coffee drinker, so immediately I was taken back by the assertive smell. What a surprise! I liked it so much, I bought a tin. This is my go-to drink in the evening. The smell is a pick-me-up without disturbing your sleep due to caffeine. Absolutely divine with a piece of dark chocolate!



Passes the acid test
Average Review:

That headline is somewhat tongue in cheek. I had tried a sample of this a week or so ago, and decided I wanted to try brewing it stronger, and perhaps mixed with other ingredients. So I ordered a tin. I'm having it for my third cup today, right after a strong cup of lapsang souchong - which is one of my favorite caffeinated teas. I am pleased to report that the soba tea holds its own even following that extremely assertive smokiness. It smells great, and tastes mild and comforting, like toast. I would not compare it to coffee, as some reviewers have done, but it is nutty and completely soothing to the overcaffeinated system. I am going to enjoy experimenting with this and expect it to become a staple for me.

Banjin Tsuki


Blast to the past
Average Review:

Remember Honey Smacks Cereal? This tastes and smells a lot like it (as thus I recommend a touch of honey). The Harney review is spot on.

Hard to rate this tea relative to other traditional teas (white, green, oolong, black) - it is not really an herbal either. We have a buckwheat festival in the area which is a pretty big deal, so I thought I would give soba a shot just for fun. Soba is unique to other teas; this is the first I've had it, and was pleasantly surprised. Great on cool days.

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