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SoHo Blend

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Product Review (submitted on March 21, 2014):

I used to love this tea. Recently I purchased a whole pound of my favorite tea and my first cup tasted "off". I thought perhaps because I was coming down with something my tastebuds were "off" so I tried the tea again when I was feeling better. Same "off" flavor. In fact, I could not even taste the chocolate or the coconut. It tasted more fruity than anything. I called Harney's to inquire about it. I thought maybe they had a bad batch of tea or something. Nope. I find out that they have changed the flavorings in their chocolate teas which results in a fruitier flavor. I have to's awful. I drink black tea because I like black tea and I avoid fruit teas because I don't like the flavors and because they often give me headaches. I am so disappointed with the new flavorings and I don't understand...why fix something that's clearly not broken? Before it used to taste like a delicious coconutty-chocolate candy (without the sugar) I cannot even identify the coconut or the chocolate flavors or aromas. It's all overpowered by the off-putting overly sweet fruity smell. Harney's, I'm a huge fan of yours...but this seems like a silly thing to do to the fans of your chocolate teas. So very disappointing.

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