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This tea has all the wonderful sweet flavors of Vanilla but almost no caffeine.
Dry Leaves Dusty brown leaves that are lighter from the decaffeination process.
Liquor The liquor is light brown because it is decaffeinated.
Aroma A delicious aroma of vanilla.
Caffeine Level Decaffeinated
Body A simple flavor of vanilla, the underlying tea flavor has been lightened by the decaffeination process
Flavors This tea has all the wonderful sweet flavors of Vanilla but almost no caffeine.
Brewing Time 4 to 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F

Vanilla Comoro

Decaf Vanilla Tea! Now you can enjoy our popular dessert tea to your heart's content, and still get a good night's sleep.
tea bags
Vanilla Comoro - tagalong with 5 sachets
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This tea is amazing! It's a perfect balance of flavor so you never feel overwhelmed with bitterness or sweetness. Also, its de-caffeinated. I love how it tastes and how relaxing it can be. Vanilla Comoro is great hot, I've never tried it hot but I'm sure that's great as well. Definitely try when you have the chance!



Favorite Decaf
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This has been my long time favorite. It is a special



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This tea is sooooo delicious I can't stop drinking it! I want to put the tea bags in all of my drawers so my clothes smell like it when I can't drink it!!!!

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