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This wonderful tea was concocted by Emeric Harney, our third generation tea blender. He also is the host of our shop in SoHo. It appears that he has good memories of the Holidays in snowy Connecticut. And we are all beneficiaries of those memories. Many people enjoy this tea, someone said the blend was pure genius. One friend suggested to drink it with Ameretto.
Dry Leaves This tea is based upon Mutan White, so there are silvery green tips and forest green leaves. Sometimes the leaves are cut so they may be used in sachets. To remind you of the snow, there are white chamomile flowers.
Liquor The liquor is a darkish yellow-green, especially when the leaf size has been reduced.
Aroma Magical aromas waft up from your cup: nut aromas from almonds, spice from cardamom, and sweet creaminess from vanilla.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body White Christmas has good body for a white tea, very fulfilling.
Flavors A popular blend where the whole is better than its parts. The aromas of nuts and creamy spice blend with the satisfying Mutan White base tea.
Brewing Time 2 to 3 minutes
Brewing Temperature 175° F

White Christmas Tea – Tea Sachets, HRP Tin of 30

SKU# 35425

Our delicious White Christmas Tea, in a decorative green and white tin of 30 tea sachets, serves as a welcome gift, or festive addition to your own traditions. A delightful taste of the holiday season, it features hand-picked white tea blended with almond and vanilla flavors, cardamom, accented by white chamomile flowers. Each sachet brews a 12 oz cup of tea.
Recline in front of a glowing fire while the snow drifts and the tree lights twinkle. A sip from this warm and nutty blend completes the perfect winter wonderland.
White Christmas Tea – Tea Sachets, HRP Tin of 30
SKU: 35425

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Our White Christmas Tea, hand-picked white tea blended with almond and vanilla flavors, cardamom, and accented by white chamomile flowers.

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great for new tea drinkers!
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A friend bought me a tin for the holidays. I recently had to give up soda and switched to tea. This one is so delicious to a new palette. I would say it almost tastes like chocolate but I know that's the sweet almond vanilla in it. I would have four cups a day if I could!



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I love love love this tea. I wish it came in a decaf so I could drink it all the time!!



Deck the Halls
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The flavors of nuttiness and spice is enough to convert and scrooge. However, the tea is so well balanced that it is drinkable throughout the year. It isn't as spicy as chai but the cardamom and vanilla are enough to bring back good memories and excite the palate. While the white tea keeps it light, refreshing and balanced.

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