Teafluencers: Amanda Kloots of The Rope NYC

Teafluencers: Amanda Kloots of The Rope NYC

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Amanda Kloots | Harney & Sons Teafluencer

Amanda Kloots, a Harney tea lover and celebrity trainer from Ohio, has developed an unstoppable strategy for staying in shape ‚Äď with a jump rope. Creator of fitness classes, The Rope, The Dance, and The Body, Amanda believes that her innovative methods are the most effective way to get a full body workout. Her classes are a combination of dance, cross training, and of course, the jump rope!

At a young age, Amanda developed a love for dance and musical theater that transcended into a passion for teaching fitness. She found her calling by motivating others to use dance as a way to stay fit. Now residing in NYC, Amanda continues to take classes at Steps on Broadway to keep her dance skills sharp. The rest of her time is spent teaching classes of her own at Studio B. Sign up for her classes or private sessions or visit her website to see her videos!

We had the opportunity to talk to Amanda about her passion for fitness, jump rope, and motivating others to stay fit through dance. Check out the Q&A below!

Amana Kloots of The Rope NYC | Harney & Sons Teafluencer

Harney: Can you give us a little history of your background in dance?

Amanda: I grew up in Canton, Ohio. I started dancing at my performing arts middle school in 4th grade. I quickly realized how much I loved dancing so I enrolled at the pre-professional dance school, The Canton Ballet, to further my training. After high school, I moved to NYC and attended The American Music and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) to study musical theater. From there, I have continued to train by taking class in New York City at Steps on Broadway.  

Harney: How did you start your career in fitness training?

Amanda: I always loved working out and often trained my sisters for fun, making up workouts for them when we would be together for holidays. I started teaching at a studio in New York City because I needed a job that I could do in and out of shows. I quickly fell in love with teaching fitness, working privately with clients, and leading classes.

Harney: Why is fitness your passion?  

Amanda: I love that fitness makes people feel better ‚Äď that it can be a positive, fun atmosphere that encourages people to get stronger and be healthy.

Harney & Sons Teafluencer Amanda Kloots

Harney: Give us the scoop on your jump rope workout routine. What is your all-time favorite thing about this method?

Amanda: The jump rope has changed my body. It is a piece of exercise equipment that you can take anywhere, do anywhere, and is a complete full body workout. The rope workout I created not only provides amazing cardio benefits, but also challenges your muscles in many ways.  

Harney: What are some tips for those who want to get started on their fitness/exercise/healthy diet journey?  

Amanda: My tip is to not put too much on your plate. Focus on one thing at a time and do that really well. If it's your workout, find something you love to do so that working out becomes something you look forward to instead of dreading. If it's your diet, be consistent and figure out works best for your body. Not every diet works for everyone. We are all different. Find what works for you!

Amanda Kloots

Harney: What are some tips for those who want to get started as professional trainers or those who want to begin teaching workout classes?

Amanda: Just start! I was really scared when I started training, but one thing I learned is that you keep getting better. Teaching makes you a better teacher so just start because every day you grow!

Harney: How can readers get involved with your classes or training sessions?

Amanda: I have three videos you can purchase on my website, www.amandakloots.com, and I also go live on Instagram Monday through Friday and jump for 10 minutes a day. If you live in NYC come visit me at Studio B where I teach my classes!

Amanda Kloots

Harney: Why do you love to drink tea?

Amanda: I love how drinking tea calms me. It makes me feel like I have a mini time out.  

Harney: What are your current favorite types of tea or flavors of Harney & Sons?  

Amanda: The Hot Cinnamon Spice tea is my all-time favorite!

Harney: How do you incorporate tea into your healthy lifestyle?  

Amanda: I love having a cup of tea in the afternoon as a little moment to unwind or at night to soothe my tummy and mind after a long day! Drinking tea has a calming effect on me, which I really need after working out for 8 hours a day!

Thank you, Amanda, for taking the time to share your passion for dance, fitness, and the jump rope! To learn more about Amanda and her workout classes, check out @amandakloots on Instagram. All photography has been provided by Amanda and her Instagram accounts.

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